Live Nation App Redesign
Creative Director, Lead Designer
Selling concert experiences to different types of concert-goers is never a 1-size fit all. Also, just going to the concert isn't enough to keep patrons engaged in the experience itself. 

The Live Nation App puts the fan experience first, and brings fans the ultimate concert going experience. Transforming the live event goer’s experience at every point of the journey, from discovering a new favorite band, pre-ordering concessions, way-finding, to enhancing every aspect of the in-venue experience. Fans can skip the lines and enjoy every minute of the concert, without any hassle

Increased fan engagement, with deep insights based on social data, as well as the ability to access tickets, food, drinks, and upgrades, all from one app. Plus, a better understanding of the users and a tailored experience for all concertgoers.

Rafael Cepedes 
Alex Jones
Steve Rechtman
Rosselyn Urso
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